Zomei +12.5 Macro Mobile phone Filter 37mm for Iphone Vivo huawei oppo samsung

Zomei +12.5 Macro Mobile phone Filter 37mm for Iphone Vivo huawei oppo samsung

Brand: Zomei
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Professional Zomei 37mm Macro Mobile Phone Filters Close Filter For Most Mobile Phones
The close-up filter is a similar close-up clip filter, and using it alone as a magnifying glass to observe the scene, it's positive projections for the amplification of the image, while the back has a slight recess to reduce to some extent the curvature of the field. The semicolon, No 2, about the size of the mirror can shoot magnolia scene on the 3rd mirror, mirror on the 4th can shoot polygamous scenes, bee size. The higher the number, the deeper the degree of deformation.
High quality glass raw material, the high-quality glass can meet the requirements of the first-class optical lens to ensure excellent transmittance of light, color image quality without distortion
Use the public welfare of environmental protection, sandy treatment can limit to the maximum to avoid being mixed in the light and completely eliminate unnecessary non-metallic reflective surface, to eliminate the interference of long exposure time
Multilayer coating with different materials on the lens surface plating layer of different thickness and color, to improve the transmission of light, less reflectivity
Brand Name: Zomei
Model Number: M37
Type: Cloes filter
Filter type: +12.5 Macro
Package Includes:
1 x filter lens
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