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XVISION S-48 DIGITAL CAMERA 48MP 1080P 2.8-inch IPS Screen 8X Zoom Auto Focus Self-Timer

Photography mode: Normal, slow motion, time-lapse recording, Motion detection, timed shooting, co...
RM229.00 RM399.00

PROOCAM OS-15 BOWEN LANTERN SOFTBOX 65CM Studio Video Light Lantern Softbox With Stand SET A1

Softbox 65 cm with Bowens mount A softbox is most popular for its soft, even light. Softboxes...
RM699.00 RM1,200.00

RAYA PROOCAM 1 PAIR Softbox 50x70cm Lighting Kit 8 Bulbs Tripod Camera Phone Background Support Backdrop Cloth (VALUE SET) KB(SET S1)

(50CMX70CM PAIR LIGHTING KIT) (Description) 1. Featured with high-quality aluminum constr...
RM670.00 RM1,340.00

Proocam LS280 Adjustable Photography Light Stand for Studio (280cm)

LS-280 LIGHT STAND   This 280cm light stand is constructed from aluminum alloy, givi...
RM100.00 RM150.00

Proocam BS-280 2 in 1 Combo Boom Stand for Studio photo setup

Description: There is no need to purchase an extra arm bar or the clamp because this boom sta...
RM283.00 RM380.00

Proocam heavy Duty Boom Stand Stuido Equipment for Strobist and Flashlite

Our boom light allows you to cast light from above or behind a subject. Boom lights are used to g...
RM283.02 RM380.00

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