SUPEN VS-08 80CM video Slider for Camera

SUPEN VS-08 80CM video Slider for Camera

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This 80cm slider is made of high quality Aluminum steel body so it is very durable in use. with a spirit level,
You can check your camera to see if it is in a good condition to take pictures and adjust it accordingly. besides, it's the
quieter, smoother and more versatile slider camera on the market. it allows you to mobilize any camera film,
video camera, digital camera or other piece of equipment. as you slide the camera through the slider and take pictures,
each image reflects the question at a different angle.
very smooth ball bearing system
Aluminum steel body with spirit level
Compatible with most 3/8 "Mounting
quick and easy to set up with carrying case
Compatible with all standard ball joints
model: SC-08
weight: 2250g / 79.37 oz
length: 80 cm / 31.50 "(60 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm also available in our store)
Max Load: 8000g / 282.19 oz
color: Black
Package includes:
1 X High Quality Slider
1 X Bag

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