Proocam Pro-F117 3-way 3in1 Mount Monopord for Gopro Hero , SJCAM , MiYI action camera

Proocam Pro-F117 3-way 3in1 Mount Monopord for Gopro Hero , SJCAM , MiYI action camera

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Proocam Pro-F117 Accessories 3-Way Manfrotto tripod + super + Magic handle for GoPro mounting Portable hero4 / 3 + / 3/2 + sj4000 / xiaomi yi 
Mounting pole is a telescopic extension pole is to capture the action from any angle. Easy to install and remove. 
Precise design and easy use. 
Durable and lightweight, suitable for transport with. 
Well done GoPro Hero mount adapter that fits all models.
Expandable to specification Handheld Manfrotto: 
100% quality guarantee. 
Plastic Tree, lightweight, usable and easy to carry with. 
Fits most compact cameras, connection to the camera tripod mount. 
Considerate design of the spin button . fast for fast and convenient 
mounting. Non-slip handle for a better use experience and wonderful feeling of contact
As the grip of the camera, arm rotation or tripod. When expansion is very suitable for folding arm or CAM motion capture POV sequences, so you can easily self-timer, and the lens does not appear bracket assembly. When folding arm away, but also can be used as a handle camera. Handle built a lightweight mini tripod, you can make alone, can also be used with the handle
-S'adapte To most cameras, not just as GoPro sj4000, EEA, AS100v (need an adapter) 
-S'├ętend to 60 cm (18 ") 
-Weight: 210g
Gopro Hero 1 /2/3/4/5/6
SJCAM  SJ4000, SJ5000 (need to buy the convertor)
Mi YI (need to buy the convertor)
Sony Action Camera  (need to buy the convertor)




* camera not include

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