ZOMEI ZM-430T Manual ttl Camera Flash with Fujitsu basic Charger Battery Set

ZOMEI ZM-430T Manual ttl Camera Flash with Fujitsu basic Charger Battery Set

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This flash delivers reliable performance for professional photographers to expand their creativity in a simple and affordable way. Emitting the exact amount of light in demand, the flash helps you obtain sharp and vivid images in poorly lit environments and perfectly balanced pictures when the lighting conditions are not working to your advantage. The flash is compatible with all Canon & Nikon DSLR cameras. It supports exposure compensation, exposure bracketing, front-curtain sync, contrast-enhanced flash and automatic / manual zooming. The flash features a maximum guide number of 58 at ISO 100. It covers a focal length range of 24mm to 105mm to suit various photography needs. It can serve as a master or slave unit in the Canon & Nikon wireless S1 & S2 modes. It takes only 3 seconds for the flash to be fully charged after a full-level output.
Circuit Design: Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT)
Guide Number: 56 (ISO 100)
Flash Mode: M, Multi Mode, S1, S2
Vertical Rotation Angle: -7~90 degrees
Horizontal Rotation Angle: 0~270 degrees
Power: 4 * AA size batteries ( Alkaline or Ni-MH are usable )
Light Quantity Output Control: 1/128~1/1 step length ±0.3EV,Total 22 levels fine-tuning
Color Temperature: 5600K
Sync Speed: 1/200s
Dimensions: 200*75*57mm
Net Weight: 375g
Safety Features And Information
For protection in continuous flashes, to prevent the flash head from getting too hot and damage, please do not flash over 20 times when in power lever 1/2,1/1. Please cool down the flash unit for at least 10 minutes. The over-temperature protection function will be activated if you continue to flash after 20 times. In this state the charging time will turn to 10-25s. Please cool down the flash unit around 10 minutes and it will turn to normal state.
Attention!!! This flash is not applicable for Sony,Pentax,and Panasonic cameras!
Technical Details
Brand Name: ZOMEI
Item Weight: 1.2 pounds
Package Dimensions: 9 x 4.1 x 3.2 inches
Item model number: ZM430 Flash
Color: Manual Flash
Size: For Canon & Nikon
Manufacturer Part Number: ZM430
FUJITSU Rechargeable Battery is Made in Japan to provide good performance and quality batteries for our customers. Batteries are Pre-Charged to enable customers to use these batteries directly from the pack. Rechargeable up to 2,100 times, it is Economical & Environmental Friendly.
This battery pack comes with 4pcs of AA size rechargeable batteries.
*Recommended to use FUJITSU Charger for charging these batteries.
Characteristics of
Battery Type: Ni-MH type (Ni-MH) 
Model: Fujitsu HR-3UTCEX(4B)
Form Factor: AA 
Voltage: 1.2 V 
Capacity: Typ. 2,000mAh, Min. 1,900mAh
Package Include: 
1 pcs ZOMEI ZM-430T Manual ttl Camera Flash
1 set Fujitsu basic Charger Battery Set 

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