Proocam CC-SP1 Adapter 3.5mm TRRS Jack Cellphone to Microphone and Headphone Convertor Cable

Proocam CC-SP1 Adapter 3.5mm TRRS Jack Cellphone to Microphone and Headphone Convertor Cable

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Exquisite and durable, leather soft beauty
The plug 3.5mm three rings four sections is divided into two 3.5mm of two rings three sockets
The transformation line support for mobile phones, tablet karaoke use, effectively solve the capacitance microphone on the market can't compatible with iPhone/iPad not phenomenon, Perfect support IOS 7/8 above, Android system, such as mobile phone and new generation of computer 2 in 1 level 4 input socket
The transformation line adopt international standards (CTIA) connection mode, Support models: - Apple iPhone 6 5S 4S(full range), MIUI (full range), Meizu (full range), SONY (full range), LG (full range), HTC, Samsung (NOTE2 i9250 i9300 i9100), MOTOROLA (Me865), Lenovo (W101), Huawei (C8812 / U9200), etc.
This item can converter one 3.5mm male jack to two 3.5mm female
Small and compact design
You can use the item to connect two sets of earphones, headphones or stereo speakers to your MP3 or media player
Apple iPhone use can be real-time monitoring, other such as samsung mobile phone can only recording, not the voice of the real-time monitoring
When use must first insert the headset and microphone on the transfer line, and then put on the mobile phone's headphone jack tieline can be normal use
The distance between the microphone and mouth finally keep best at about 15cm, sound quality is good or bad depends on the use of the quality of the microphones and headphones, nothing to do with this transformation line (phone original don't use headphones with a microphone)
Size (L x W x H cm): 15 x 5 x 10
Weight (kg): 0.3
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1 x Proocam CC-SP1 Adapter 3.5mm TRRS Jack adapter

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