Packaging Detail


Packing management is incredibly a lot of care packing for Shipped . thus during this method we offer additional safety packing for each shipped product to client .
And we ar ensure once shipped , the merchandise no any broken or wet . 
Our Packing management method 
1) when our cahier system find the merchandise , we tend to begin to packing , than before packing we'll checking all product packing 1st ( original packing) 
2) Than we'll use the New Paper (recycle) , or type for defend the merchandise once shipped shake not any result 
3) when packing (inner ) complete , we'll use the paper for packing for outdoor . (2 layer) 
4) Than in the end packing end . we'll finally layer add on the Plactics Bag for complete this packing . (make certain once shipped descending days delivery no result the merchandise )


We make Sure Safety Delivery to Customer Hand >