Sirui N-3205X Carbon Fibre Camera Professional Tripod with BAG (Load 15KG)

Sirui N-3205X Carbon Fibre Camera Professional Tripod with BAG (Load 15KG)

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Product Description
SIRUI M-3205X Master tripod/monopod (Carbon, height: 162cm, weight: 1.8kg, load capacity: 15kg) with bag and strap The SIRUI Master tripods are manufactured with utmost precision and with great care. The extreme high-quality of the tripods is a result of high-end CNC milling and the use of quality materials. Because the legs can be folded completely, the N series has a small packing size as compared to its working height. The great stand for on the go, in the studio or on-location. With just a few hand movements, transform the tripod into a fully functional monopod. The centre column can be unscrewed. It consists of two different-sized parts. This short piece can be used on a tripod for near-ground level shots. With the long piece of the centre column, the monopod can be extended to a height of 158cm. SIRUI MX-series Master Flexibility and quality combined in SIRUI M-3205X Functional design - The all-round stand for the discerning The SIRUI M-3205X Universal is made of 8 layers of carbon (carbon fibre). The ability to remove one of the tripod's legs makes it become a monopod. Each leg consists of 5 sections with 4 sealed ring locks (twist locks). A 1/4 turn is enough to loosen the ring-locks so that all segments extend. 3 rubber feet with retractable metal spikes ensure firm footing on any surface. The legs can be folded up 180° for transport and a small packing size. The leg angle lock mechanism lets the 3 solid click stops automatically snap into place. Foam rubber grips to protect against the cold and provide excellent grip at all temperatures. The weight hook on the centre column is used for more steadfastness when weighting. A grub screw for affixing a tripod head is located in the head mounting plate. The thread for the head attachment is reversible from 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch depending on the head connection. The centre column is divisible for near-ground level shooting and extending the monopod. Design and technology in harmony SIRUI stands for precision in every detail Specifications Material: Carbon Sections: 5 Tube diameter: 19 - 32mm Tripod height: 15 - 162cm Monopod height: 39 to 140cm (with 158cm centre column) Pack size: 44cm Leg rest angle: 20 - 51 - 83° Head mounting plate ø: 59mm Head connection: 1/4 and 3/8 inch Weight: 1.8kg Load capacity: 15kg Included with the M-3205X The MX series - the all-rounder among stands The functional diversity of M-3205X is impressive - the scope of supply is remarkable With the mounting plate and the wrist strap, you get a fully functioning monopod. The shoulder strap of the carrying bag can also be used as a tripod strap alone. An Allen wrench is included in the scope of supply to individually set the mobility of the joint. Contents SIRUI M-3205X Master Three/monopod 59mm mounting plate Hand strap Carrying bag with tripod strap Allen key User manual
  • Material: Carbon - Weight: 1.76kg
  • Height Tripod: 14 - 158.2cm - Height Monopod: 39.3 - 158.2cm
  • Packing size: 43.2cm - Max. load: 15kg
  • Foam grips, Steel Spikes, Weight Hook, 1/4 and 3/8 Inch Screw
  • SIRUI N-3205X Tripod, 2nd Mounting Plate, Hand Strap, Bag, Strap



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