Beston BST-C905 Battery LCD Smart quick Charger (4Hour)  with Fujitsu 4pcs 2000mah rechargeable Battery

Beston BST-C905 Battery LCD Smart quick Charger (4Hour) with Fujitsu 4pcs 2000mah rechargeable Battery

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Packging Including
1) Beston BST-C905 Battery Smart quick Charger with LCD Discplay 
2) Adaptor Plug 
3) Fujitsu 4pcs 2000mah rechargeable Battery
Beston Battery Charger is an external and portable battery charger with compact design. 
This battery charger activates the chemicals and increases the voltage inside the used battery. 
You can also use the battery repeatedly until the chemicals and the voltage in it die completely. 
Charger Indicator Screen This battery is equipped with LED indicator screen that lets you know the process of charging the battery. The availability of the LED display lets you know if the battery charging process has started or is fully charged. 
Auto Cut Charging Protection 
When the battery is fully charged, you do not have to worry about the battery being hot or exploding due to excess power. 
This Charger has been equipped with Auto Cut Charging Protection which stops charging when the battery is fully charged. 
Beston Battery Charger can be used to recharge power on AA and AAA size batteries. 
This charger can charge 4 pcs NI-MH / NI-CD rechargeable battery.
LCD Shows the charging process.
Micro Comuputer chips control the charging process, cut off the high speed charging mode through.
Intelligent technology and transform into the trickle charging mode, ensure the batteries to be fully charged.
Over current protection 
Constant current charging mode can protect the batteries from current instability.
High temperature protection 
when the battery reaches 60 ° C. It will stop charging automatically.
Automatic Recognation function 
can recognize the defective batteries through the IC micro computer, and will not charge the defective batteries. With the short circuit protection function, in case of short circuit, ensure of safe use.
Model: BST-C905
Dimension: 117 x 66 x 29 mm
Weight: 350g
Input: AC 100 - 240V, 50 / 60Hz 100mA
Output: DC 1.2V 
Using Instruction:
This charger can charge 1,2,3 or 4 AA or AAA Batteries.
AA and AAA can be mixed when charging.
LCD display shows "CHG" when Charging
Shows "ERROR" when restoring.
Shows "DISCHG" when discharging.
The Charger will cut off the power when all the batteries are fully charged and the LCD will turn off.
Battery Detail : 
Fujitsu "Ready-to-Use" Rechargeable NiMH batteries use a similar technology as the pioneer ground-breaking "Eneloop". With low self-discharge, the Fujitsu "R2U" NiMH batteries are, after 5 years, still able to retain up to 70% of their capacity. Pre-charged from the factory, they are in "ready-to-run" state out of the package and can be recharged over and over again up to 1800 times, making the batteries very economical.
Features and Basic Specifications
rechargeable 'AA' NiMH chemistry
can be recharged up to 1,800 times
retains up to 70% of capacity after 5 years
can be used at temperatures down to -20ºC
Model : ( HR-3UTAEX(4B)
Packaging : 4pcs AA Batteries
Capacity :  Type : 2000mAh  ( Min1900mAh ) 
Voltage : 1.2V
Manufacture : Made In Japan 
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Warranty Period  One Year
Warranty Type  Manufature