Proocam Studio Lighting Kit 1 PAIR Softbox 60x90cm 400W LED Light with Background Backdrop Cloth Tripod 2 to 1 Wireless Mic SET

Proocam Studio Lighting Kit 1 PAIR Softbox 60x90cm 400W LED Light with Background Backdrop Cloth Tripod 2 to 1 Wireless Mic SET

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A softbox is most popular for its soft, even light. Softboxes are used heavily in portrait photography and many other types of commercial photography. It is an effective, lightweight tool for reducing light intensity without sacrificing softness.

Simple and functional, the 60×90 cm square Softbox is a perfect piece of equipment to add to your photography studio. It offers a uniquely narrow lighting control with a 30-degree reduction in light spilling. this model is a popular choice with photographers of all specializations, from portraits and products to staged scenes and boudoir. This attachment can be used with several different types of lamps, making it a valuable addition.




Power: 400W

Color Temp: BI-color

Light Effect: 10 pre-set effects

Lumen: 30000

Size: 38*19.5*13.5cm

Weight: 2.2KG

Support: Remote Control

Built in fan for fast heat dissipation

Light colour temperature :3200-5500K


Package List:

2 * 60×90 cm Softbox

2 * Power Adapters

2* Remote Controls

2 * LED Video Light

2* Light Stands



Proocam BG200 Background Set for Set up anywhere! This sturdy portable backdrop stand kit is made from black treated aluminum. It easily disassembles and fits in a handy travel bag. Take your studio backdrops with you on location.


Packaging Including

Background Stand 2×2 meter (2pcs)

Centre Holes (1pcs)

Carry bag (1pcs)

Backdrop cloth 3×3 meter (Black/White/Gray/Blue/Green) (1pcs)



This tripod camera is perfect for travel use, with its lightweight design making it easy to carry with you on the go. Despite its compact size, it boasts impressive quality, ensuring your shots are steady and clear. The perfect tool for capturing your adventures on the move.


Material: Aluminum Alloy

Net Weight: 920g

Fold Length: 57cm

Min Working Height: 55cm

Max Working Height: 140cm

Sections: 3

Max Load: 3KG

Ballhead: 3-Way Panel

Package included:

1 x Tripod

1 x Carrying bag



The Professional Wireless Lavalier Mini Microphone is a compact and versatile audio solution designed to enhance your audio recording experience. This cutting-edge microphone offers wireless freedom, allowing you to capture crystal-clear sound without being tethered to your recording device.

Can Fit for Device
Apple Iphone
Android Phone